How We Serve Our Clients


Financial Planning is the foundation of RidgeRock Wealth’s service offering. Having a strong financial plan in place is crucial in achieving our clients’ short and long-term financial goals. There is more to financial planning than just budgeting and creating an investment strategy – it takes into consideration all of your financial affairs and takes into consideration your full financial picture.


Matthew can refer clients to some of Canada’s largest portfolio managers through his registration with Raintree Financial Solutions. One way Portfolio Managers set themselves apart from “Main Street” retail investment managers is by often charging lower management fees. This is possible because they typically manage larger amounts of money for a smaller client base.


Group retirement plans offer a great way for employers and employees to save for retirement. Group retirement plans can provide many benefits including investing with pre-tax dollars, payroll deductions for immediate tax benefits, and preferred management fees on pooled funds. Often times the employer contributes as well which can enhance personal contribution amounts and since you’re contributing each week, you’ll get to take advantage of dollar-cost averaging (making sure you’re not buying all your investments at their yearly peak in price).


Life and health insurance helps protect the financial security of your family and business should you encounter an unforeseen circumstance. We’ll help guide you through which options are most suitable for your unique situation.


Alternative investments are securities that do not trade on a stock exchange and can include private equity hedge funds real estate commodities and more. Matthew is a Private Wealth Advisor with Raintree Financial Solutions. As a Private Wealth Advisor, he works with investors to determine their overall investment knowledge current investment holdings, and risk temperament. By discussing this vital information he works with his clients to achieve a Core + Explore™ portfolio by choosing suitable alternative investments and referring them to Portfolio Managers for their public investment needs.


Attracting and retaining key employees can be a challenge for many businesses – providing group benefits and health spending accounts is key. By offering health benefits, you can protect your employees and business, attract and retain key talent, provide tax-efficient compensation and maintain productivity.

Health Spending Accounts allow employees to be reimbursed for many health and dental-related expenses not covered by a traditional benefits plan. Unlike a traditional benefits plan, employees will receive their health and dental benefits without restrictions or limitations. Your employees will now have the flexibility to manage and allocate their benefits spending to suit their own unique circumstances.



We pride ourselves on building long-lasting, successful business relationships with our clients.